On first appearance, it may be easy to write-off Bianca Merkley. 1.) Girl. (check) 2.) Guitar. (check) 3.) Songs about love, life and self-discovery. (check). But don’t be fooled--appearances can be deceiving.

Take “I Never Knew” for example, a track from her upcoming album. While built upon a quick, acoustic plucked rhythm with fun declarations of infatuation, soon lush strings enter and the song is transformed into a mature declaration of that loving relationship everyone longs for. As Engineer & Producer Gilles Reeves stated, “...Bianca manages to weave...styles together into a wonderful unified tapestry of sound…With songs about life, love songs, songs of personal discovery and just some plain fun songs, Bianca covers lots of ground--all the while firmly establishing her sound.”

And others are noticing. Most recently OurStage.com and MTV featured Bianca as one of their “Needle In The Haystack” artists of the week, describing her sound as “tasty” and “rivaling that of Tori Amos and Jewel.” She has also been featured on a variety of music and lifestyle blogs, all of whom praise her music. “[Bianca’s music] has a sound that's both pure and edgy at the same time--which I think is pretty remarkable,” says lifestyle blogger Candace in one of her blog posts.

While Tori and Jewel are definitely touch-points for Bianca, they are far from her only influences, which include everything from traditional Hymns and other Americana to the Mariachi music of her youth. When describing her earlier days of singing, Bianca says, “Even though I had to wear and sing some pretty ridiculous things in my day, I have to say that those experiences have really shaped me and helped me develop as a singer-songwriter and performer.”

Bianca has just recently finished a successful Kickstartarer Campaign to fund her next album, which is being released this coming Fall of 2011. This next album is the next step in Bianca’s progression as a musician and artist. In her words: “I've developed a better sense of what I feel is my authentic sound. This album is simple and beautiful and features the work of Naomi Steckman, an amazing cellist and friend” Together, Bianca and Naomi create a beautiful combination that will have this second album even better than the last. Stay tuned to hear more details of the album coming soon. You will be glad you did.